It’s Me!

It’s all me! That is right, I’m 100% me! My name is Farrah and I enjoy every moment of playtime!

I’m very outgoing and open-minded, and my imagination has always been vivid and gets the best of me!!!

I enjoy Fetish and Fantasies of all kinds!

I’m a hot&sexy vixen who needs to get out!

What better way then LIVE on cam, phone & right here ONLINE!!! In my realm, of pure hot playtime!

I’m 5’5″ & 105lbs of delectable sinful delight! Luring you to my den of tease, excitement and happy endings ;)

I’m a girl with a wicked mind and a seductive flirtatiousness that wisps through my voice.

I ache to dwell on the sexier
and more erotic side of things. Its my version of the “dark” side. So come with me, take my hand and we are
whisked to a world of sin, pleasure, and erotic enchantment.

Join me in my room, playtime is 24/7 in my playground. Bring your imagination, desire, and cravings.

Go on, indulge…join me….click on for more about me and playtime delights.


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